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Hey. I think that this is a really great idea and I think more furries shuold join this. I have a group myself called "The Furry Restoration Program". I just created it today so there's really only me right now. But, I would really like to help you keep this group alive. Which is bsically just advertising it to furries who would seem like they are interested in it. Mainly, pro-military furries.

This is a really creative group and I'd just like to help it stay alive.

Please contact me on LJ whenever u can. :3


Attention soldiers!

I've found a much better website service to host our HQ:


It has a blog system for us to post and you to comment.

It has a built-in forum to do exactly what our last site could only do.

Photos, videos, pages, etc.

So if you're still in the game, join the site! Granted, it's under construction, but it's still pretty nifty compared to the other Forum site.

Thanks again!

Long Time No Chat

Hi guys.

I really apologize for the lack of activity here. I have been extremely busy with very important off-line matters and will continue to be for a while.

However, I am in no way seeking to put this project down at all. I really want this to get started, get active, and for all of us to have fun with it.

Here's some news...

Hopefully I will see to finish organizing the forum and get it broadcast out there. Until then, you're better off keeping in tune right here, our official LJ blog.

I have recently reawakened my interest in airsoft, our official sporting shtick. Yeah real guns are awesome, but airsoft is the way to go for a fun-loving mil-sim club like this one. Anyway, during the construction of this militia, I plan to start organizing a whole gun thing. The truth is, we are all over the world so we can't exactly make weekly drills at a local range, but there is nothing wrong with buying your own gun, doing your own drilling, etc.

As it is, I am in the middle of establishing myself, career-wise. Over time, I will be able to finance my first dibs on a full, complete "Furry Militia" uniform, right down to the embroidery and firearm. The only difference may be that because the rust color is somewhat rare (unless you use the Parade Store website), I might be wearing black instead. If anything, I am looking into making different designations for different beret colors.

Other than that, carry on, troops.

Forum Set (Kind Of)

I guess the forum's kind of ready to go... IRL has had me for quite a while so I didn't get to do much.


A few things to mention...

1. I'm new to forum ownership, so I sincerely apologize in advance for any inconvenience on my part. I have yet to learn much about this.

2. Apparently, important posts, like information on uniform design and pamphlets on different knowledge criteria will become "Sticky" posts, which are on the top of all of the other posts, which are pretty useful.

3. Again, I'm still learning how to work this thing, let alone organizing what I need to, so if you have anything to suggest, let me know.

4. Please, for your safety and sake, don't give out private information on any of the posts. It is a public forum.

5. Enjoy your time! Spread the word, have fun, associate yourselves, and hopefully one day, we can have an official get-together at a con.

6. Don't lose your password!

Questions, suggestions, whatever, THIS IS THE POST TO TELL ME NOW.

Now, in the meantime, I'm going to get images for the sticky posts ready. Again, IRL comes first so I'm pretty busy.


Forum Announcement

Fellow troops,

I just made way to get ourselves a forum.

I'm currently working on it so it's structured correctly and safe to use as far as membership access goes.

I'm also working out on each subject that is necessary, both for reference and for our usage.

Sometime down, I welcome whoever wants to to help out with making the sprite graphics the forum would use to make it more interesting than it is now. I especially appreciate if someone can make good emoticons, at least once I figure out how to add/delete 'em.

So in short, we pretty much have ourselves an information/connection website. Give me some time to finish it up, and I'll post it for all of us to log in and use.

Now we can share our culture outside of LJ and on a forum. Let's see where this little club goes.

YERF! AHOO! FURREH! Or whatever cheer you prefer to use or made up. Those are the official three anyway...


How many of you have Airsoft arms?

I'm Glaice (formerly known as Chrisdragon) and am also a part of this when Sciucaro came up with this idea. I am wondering how many of you besides myself and the maintainer own an airsoft weapon?

This is mine: http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d19/chrisdragon/Airsoft_800x600.jpg
It's an Echo metal body AK-47 AEG for those wondering about it.

Posing with it: http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d19/chrisdragon/Me001-fixed-1024-hidden.jpg

EDIT: More gun porn - http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d19/chrisdragon/Echo1AK47andCM030AEP-1024x768.jpg

So please speak up and show images of your air-piece(s) if you have one.


Beret Update

I've decided to make a change to the Beret rules.

First off, I said that our standard was the rust color. In case you have any trouble looking for that color, you are more than welcome to choose another color, preferably black or a good red, or even Maroon, which is closest.

I don't have any official distinctions for colored berets yet (akin to how only Special Forces are allowed to wear green berets). So unless/until something along those lines show up, beret color is a free option to take up.

If you want the official rust color, or any color beret for that matter, here's the websites:



Now, the second part...

If anyone remembers, on beret flashes, there is supposed to be a pin that goes on the beret.

My original intent was that you buy the pin of your locality, like the state or region you are from.

I officially pull that null and void.

It would make much more sense to have your craft/division/unit/whatever on your beret, so it would leave a lot less guesswork to where you are from, and instead have the division you work for on the beret you can wear.

So when you buy the pin for your beret, it should be the symbol of the craft you are in, not your local area. So now when you walk around with the beret on, the symbol is more recognizable as to what you serve to do rather than where you are from more specifically.

And remember, you should get the flash to stitch onto the beret before putting the pin on. This is what the flash looks like. When you stitch it on your beret, make it so it hangs over your left eye, like in this model here, so when you rub it down your head, the flash is still visible.

And, I'm trying to get things done on the personal end, so I had no time to prepare our forum yet.

And if I don't get to do it earlier... I wish everyone here a happy new year.


Forum Opening?

Hey, are any of you knowledgable with forums? I'm probably going to start preparing our Furry Militia Forum, as both a hub website to hold our information, and a way we can network with each other and outsiders.

I found two websites that host free forums, but I don't know which one would be best.

Unless you know anymore that I don't, these are the two sites I found.



I'm looking for a forum that I can also use as a semi-website. For instance, I want a particular post to be about where to get supplies and I want this post available throughout the site in a link or sitemap, and if any of the supply sites close down or a new one comes up I can edit the post as necessary, and locked for admin use only. At the same time, I'd like to futz with graphics, emoticons, signatures, user profiles, whatever. I want my full reach and easy-to-use system.

Let me know what's my best bet, and I'll open one up.



I think we're pretty much done with the basic uniform get-up. Pretty much we just need the designs for each of the divisions and the DUIs for regions of the world.

So I guess now is the downtime for the uniform and uptime for other fun ideas for input.

First off, I am still debating getting us a Forum or a full-fledged website on like Furtopia (preferably forum because I don't feel like coding webpages, and it allows interactivity and communication). After all the work we put into this, it's only right we find a way to archive what we got down, as far as designs, links, get-ups, announcements, etc.

But anyway, on to the rest of the post...

In some military organizations, the troops have a unifying sort of 'cry' that they chant. For the US Army, it's "Hooah". For the US Marines, it's "Oohrah". And from what I heard (but may be wrong), the British use "Hurrah". The etiquette of using these chants is almost universal. It means anything and everything, except no, from what I read.

It's like, if you are ordered to do something, you say like "Hooah", or if the leader is instructing and asks if everything is crystal clear, everyone goes "Hooah!", or if after a good celebration like someone getting promoted or an accomplished mission, everyone chants "hooah!"

I thought it would be cute if we had our own chant for the hell of it.

First thing that comes to mind is like an animal sound. A friend suggested like, "Aroo!", and I thought of using "Ah-Hoo!" so it isn't too distinct to sound like it's a canine-only group.

But what do you guys suggest? Something quick and simple and fun to say.


Cadences would also be great, especially for marching and Fursuit Parades. If anyone's got some good ones, write it up and post it, or better yet, leave a recording so we hear it too. Pretty much, a cadence should be a "working song" to get everyone in tune for the same task. It keeps a disciplined mood and a sense of camaraderie because everyone with you is singing and doing the task at hand.


More to come soon.



Alright, where are my artists?

I have a prototype list of different divisions for our militia, and I need your artistic talent to make simple, straightforward, and overall cool, logos of each of the divisions I provide here. I wrote down some ideas as to how I think they should look, but if you got a better design, by all means let me see what you have. Just remember to make it simple, noticeable, and cool. You don't have to be articulate. Silhouettes are a great way to go about it.

Divisions and their descriptions...Collapse )

Other than that, I'm still figuring out what would be good etiquette to make of our Beret DUIs. We may probably have to use your region. In other words, your home nationality goes underneath the Furry Flag on your right arm, and the DUI on your Beret would have your sub-location of your home nation.

For example, someone from New York, US, would wear the US flag on the arm, but have a DUI pin representing New York on the DUI.

As of recently, the new Beret DUI uniform is to have a pin version of your unit on the flash. It saves confusion and works nicer for when you wear the beret with any other clothing.

More to follow from that.